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These electronically available texts are intended to provide general information to the public and researchers, as well as technical support for a number of processes. No rights can be derived from these texts.

STW is not liable for the use made of this information by third parties or for the third-party documents that can be accessed via these electronic documents. In the case of discrepancies compared with official printed STW documents the printed text prevails, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

The information and contact data on this website are emphatically not intended to be used for purposes outside the scope and interest of STW. Without STW’s written permission no mail addresses or other data of this website may be included in databases, relation files or products that serve such purposes.

STW reserves the right to claim damages on account of the unwanted use of such data in any way whatsoever. The automated or serial sending of email or other electronic messages to multiple email addresses of STW staff will in principle be regarded as abuse; the particular origin of these addresses is irrelevant. An exception is made in those cases where individual staff have given permission to receive such messages.