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About H-Haptics

H-Haptics is the largest Dutch research programme on haptics. It runs from 2011-2017 and involves 16 PhD students, 3 postdocs, and staff from four Dutch universities. It's aim: to develop Human-centered Haptic devices that assist humans in performing a wide variety of practical tasks. We believe this can be done by means of haptic shared control, which makes task requirements and constraints tangible. The correct design of intuitive haptic shared control requires a deep understanding of human motion control and perception, of the required tasks in the environments, and of mechatronics, control theory and haptic tele-operation.
H-Haptics combines the efforts of academic researchers with several companies, collaborating in seven individual research projects. The outcomes of the project will be a unified theory of designing and evaluating haptic shared control, and one or more demonstrators for each project.

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News (updated March 2015)

IEEE World Haptics Conference Tutorial

We invite you to participate in the half-day tutorial “Human-Centered Design and Evaluation of Haptic Shared Control across different Applications” at the IEEE World Haptics Conference 2015 in Chicago on June 22, 2015.

– Why attend this tutorial? –

Through presentations and interactive demonstrators you will have the opportunity to learn about and feel the achievements of the “Human-Centererd Haptics” research program, the largest haptics collaboration in The Netherlands. This research program has developed novel findings concerning design and implementation of haptic shared control (an intuitive and tangible way to enhance human-in-the-loop control of vehicles or telemanipulators) for a wide variety of practical applications including telerobotics in space, nuclear, medical and deep-sea environments, as well as lifting aids.

Besides providing an overview of state-of-the-art solutions, the goal of this tutorial is to establish and discuss guidelines for the design and evaluation of haptic shared control systems. We will do so by means of a panel discussion with several key experts in the field of haptics and assistive technologies.

– Confirmed panel members –

Prof. Dr. Frans van der Helm – Delft University of Technology
Prof. dr. Astrid Kappers – VU University Amsterdam
Dr. Allison Okamura – Stanford University

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4th H-Haptics Symposium

We are also currently preparing for the fourth and final H-Haptics Symposium, to be held on May 7-8, 2015. In addition to the hearing about the research progress from the PhDs over the last year, we will also discuss the outcomes from the research programme as a whole.


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