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About H-Haptics

H-Haptics is a large multi-disciplinary research programme in the Netherlands that aims to develop Human-centered Haptic devices, which assist humans in performing a wide variety tasks. We believe this can be done by means of haptic shared control, which makes task requirements and constraints tangible. The correct design of intuitive haptic shared control requires a deep understanding of human motion control and perception, of the required tasks in the environments, and of mechatronics, control theory and haptic tele-operation. H-Haptics combines the efforts of five universities and several companies which collaborate in seven individual research projects. The outcome of the project will be a unified theory of designing and evaluating haptic shared control, and one or more demonstrators for each project.
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News (April 2014)

April 2014
We are now preparing for the third H-haptics Symposium, held on May 19-20 2014, where all PhDs will present the progress of their work. Go to the meeting page for more info. 

November 2013

The second H-Haptics autumn school was a big succes. Four groups prepared, performend and analyzed a haptic experiment, all within four days! Some of the work has progressed towards publishable papers, more news about that soon. 

August 2013
The H-Haptics symposium was held in Kontakt der Kontinenten, where all PhDs presented their progress. Also, several of the H-Haptics members visited the Dutch-Belgian Haptics Meeting, organized at KU Leuven. Vincent Hayward and Jeroen Smeets provided the keynote talks. 
Currently, the PhDs are preparing for the H-Haptics Autumn School in November 2013.

April 2013
Several of the H-Haptics project members presented at the World Haptics Conference 2013 in Seoul, organized workshops and special sessions. 

January 2013
After a succesful 2012 - with project leader Frans van der Helm winning the Simon Stevin prize, and the inspiring H-Haptics Autumn School -, our team of researchers and companies is looking forward to the new year! The first highlight to come up is the second H-Haptics symposium (May 27-28), where the research of all the PhD students of the project will be presented and discussed. 
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